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Director's Message - Robert Sokol, M.D.

Robert Sokol, M.D.

During the past several years our efforts have been directed towards achieving and maintaining a preeminent position in Reproductive Sciences Research in the nation, now and, more importantly, into the future. This has been a demanding and protracted process, as would be expected for a Center of this magnitude and research productivity and during a period of nearly unprecedented fiscal constraint, particularly in the Detroit area. Despite these challenges, we are building new area(s) and program(s) for the Mott consistent with the needs for a balanced research portfolio spanning areas of reproductive and perinatal science.

Where We Are

With the assistance of many other individuals and university officers, including the Dean of the School of Medicine, the President of the University and the Board of Governors, Doctors Sokol and Hassan of the Department of Ob/Gyn were once again awarded as Project Site Managers a 10-year contract to house the Perinatology Research Branch of the NIH on the 3rd floor of the C.S. Mott Center for Human Growth and Development and at Hutzel Hospital. Over 10 years 3 months, this large award, including provision for space for the work of the Branch and collaborating Wayne faculty, has already helped and will help set strategic directions for recruitment and ongoing research in the Department of ObGyn and at the Mott Center and will have an impact on research planning and execution for the entire University and investigators, not only at Wayne State, but also at the University of Michigan, Michigan State and the Henry Ford Health System.

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